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Happy Name Day, Ermolaos!
Happy Name Day, Ermolaos!
Atheras beach
Xi (Ksi) Beach
Water park

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Happy Name Day, Ermolaos!
Water park
Antisamos Beach
Atheras beach
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Water Park
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Kefalonia's Attractions

Happy Name Day, Ermolaos!

We had a great time!

Happy Name Day, Ermolaos!

Happy Name Day Ermolaos! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you. I am craving to eat some more of your delicous food. It was a perfect night.

Atheras beach

This is one of the beaches near to Ermolaos Vacation Club. It starts off with shallow water and is safe for kids.  A very quiet beach with a tavern steps away.

Xi (Ksi) Beach

This red sandy beach is close to Ermolaos Vacation Club.  It's perfect for families.  The shallow water makes it safe for moms not to worry about the kids and just relax!

Water park

15 to 20 minutes from Ermolaos Vacation Club, there is a fantastic water park. It fun, fun, fun for the kids while parents are free to relax.  What a great day it was! 

Ermolaos Vacation Club & Villas Rentals

Ah, with nature again! A simple lifestyle filled with things to do.  Woke up 6 am, went for a hike up the mountain then to the sea.  Had breakfast at Ermolaos Viansa's Restaurant, watched some TV, then went for a dip in the pool. Played ping-pong with friends and had a delicious lunch.  The chef is from New York and the friendly server served us excellent meals.  We really enjoyed the shrimp scampi appetizer, chicken in white wine sauce & chicken marsala. It's evening now and will be going for a bike ride!  Ta, ta for now.

Livadi Bay

Livadi Bay is 500 m near to Ermolaos Vacation Club. Find hidden hiking paths & paved roads perfect for cycling.


The town of Lixouri is 10 minutes near to Ermolaos Vacation Club & our villa rentals. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is the second largest city of Kefalonia. Here you will find supermarkets, little charming cafes, bars, restaurants, pharmacy, hospital, police.

Lake Cavern of Melissani

Melissani Lake, Kefalonia, Greece. A must see during your stay at Ermolaos Vacation Club villa.This is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami. The lake is 20m below the surface about 160m long and depth of the water ranges from 10-40m.  Stalactities are 20,000 years old.  Artifacts were found in the center of the lake where there is a small island. A must see during your stay at Ermolaos holiday villa.

Boat Cruises

Great Kefalonia attraction! There are many daily boat cruises to choose from.  get ready to set quest for hidden and unreachable beaches of Kefalonia, GreeceBoat cruises are one of Kefalonia's attractions.  Set quest for hidden and unreachable beaches.  There are many options for daily cruises.

Castle of Agios Georgios

The castle of Agios Georgios is one of two castles which should not be missed out during your stay at our holiday villas, Kefalonia, GreeceThe castle of Agios Georgios is 5 km away from Argostoli, above to village of Peratata on a hill about 300 m high. It's built by Venetians approximately in the 12th century AD by the Byzantine emperors. The castle was the capital of Kefalonia until 1757.

Castle Of Assos

Castle of Assos is built on the peninsula of Assos by the VenetiansThe Venetians built this castle on the peninsula of Assos. The big vault entrance still stands and is in good condition.

glass bottom boat cruise

Discover the marine world in Kefalonia, Greece by taking a glass bottom boat cruise!.  View the sea bed, watch fish, take photos under water, visit ancient ship wrecks, swim, snorkel, dive & play volleyball.Explore the marine world in Kefalonia by taking a glass bottom boat cruise & view the sea bed, watch fish, take photos under water, visit ancient ship recks, swim, snrkel, dive & play volleyball.  

Dafnoudi Beach

After a great hike throught the forest you will find this beautiful hidden beach at Dafnoudi, Kefalonia, Greece. Dafnoudi Beach is a hidden beach at the northernmost tip of Kefalonia.
Leave your car just after the junction of Antipata (there is a road sign, just before Fiskardo) and you see a path (600m) going through a cypress forest, which leads to the beach.

The beach is a haven for the monk seals Monachus Monachus. If you are lucky you may come across one. The beach is pebbly, the waters calm and the colours vary from blue to green.

In Dafnoudi you will find a cave with a small beach; perfect for most romantic couples

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos beach, Kefalonia, Greece has an incredible view & crystal clear waters.Stunning blue water, white stones, mountains in a circle around a bay. Filmed some key scenes for Corelli.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Greece is one of the best beaches with a beautiful sunset.Attractive and popular. Very steep shore break, white stones, high tide waves.

Xi Beach

Xi beach, Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece is a red sandy beach, peaceful and relaxing that offers guests water sports, taverns, cafe & bar. 15 minutes near to Ermolaos Vacation Club, Livadi.Lovely red sandy beach that always seems to have space & peace, water sports, cafes & taverns.

Petani Beach

Petani beach is just minutes near to ERV Club, Kefalonia, GreecePetani Beach is 15 km from ERV Villas. It's absolutely breathtaking, lots of waves and just steps away from taverns.